Off-the-Shoulder T-shirts

While I was getting ready for the first Iowa Hawkeye football game, I thought of a brilliant idea for my blog.  Instead of writing about my boring law school application process, I decided to write about something I enjoy (and I’m sure others would enjoy) a little bit more.

I tend to be crafty (especially when I’m procrastinating more important things like homework) so I thought it would be a great way to produce blog posts by following some of my crafty ideas and helping those of you at home follow along.

My first crafty idea is “how to cut your t-shirts to have an off-the-shoulder look.”

What you’ll need:
Pen (optional)

Step One:  Lay the t-shirt flat on the table.  Make sure all the seams from the front and back match up.

Step Two:  Start on the shoulders about two inches away from the neck seam.  Mark it.  Try on the t-shirt to see if it is located in a good starting spot (hint:  cutting less material right away is the best option because you can always cut more but it is difficult to add material that’s already been removed).

Step Three: Starting from one marked shoulder to the other, cut across as close to the neck seam as possible.

Pair it with any tank-top for a cute off-the-shoulder look.

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