DIY Halloween Costume

Don’t have money to buy a costume that you may only wear for one night?  Me neither.  I do, however, have a creative costume used from materials you may already own.

Costume Materials
Long sleeved T-shirt
Dark Colored Pants
Light Colored Pants
Child’s Jacket
2 pairs of shoes (or 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of boots)
Baseball cap
Safety Pins (many)

Step 1:  Dress in dark-colored pants. Put socks and shoes/boots on at this time or wait until later.

Step 2:  Stuff the arms and shoulders of the long-sleeved shirt with crumpled up newspapers. Put the shirt ‘collar’ around your hips. This, along with the dark pants, will be the body of the person giving you a shoulder ride. The bottom of the shirt will be around your knees. Safety pin the arm cuffs of the shirt to the front of the shirt (See picture)

Step 3:  Stuff the ball cap with newspapers.  Safety-pin the ball cap  above the collar of the shirt around your waist.

Step 4:  Stuff a pair of light-colored pants with crumpled newspapers. This will act like the legs of the shoulder rider.
Make sure the ball cap is in the crotch area of the pants with safety pins. (When you are getting a piggy back ride, that is where the head is)

Step 5:  Attach the extra pair of shoes to the bottom of the pants. This will act like the feet of the shoulder rider.

Step 6:  Put the light-colored pants against your body and put the belt through the front belt loops, around yourself and back through the front loops on the other side of the pants. Buckle the belt. The ‘legs’ of the shoulder rider are now attached.

Step 7:  Bend the legs of the light-colored pants through the arms of the shirt of the person “carrying” you to make it look like he’s hanging on to your legs. Use safety pins as needed to secure this in place.

Step 8:  Put on the coat.
You have now built a shoulder ride/piggy back ride.

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Halloween Treat

Putting the rice krispies on the marshmallows

An easy-to-make treat for Halloween (or any occasion) involves marshmallows, caramel, and rice krispies.

What you’ll need:
1 bag large marshmallows
1 bag caramels
sweetened condensed milk
1/2 stick butter
rice krispies

Step 1: Melt the caramels, butter, and sweetened condensed milk together.  For best quality, use a double broiler.

Step 2: Dunk the marshmallows in the mixed concoction. Get an even coat.

Step 3:  Pull the marshmallows out and dip them in rice krispies.  Set them on wax paper to let them harden.

The finished product is delicious.

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Ice Cream (Sandwich) Cake

Are you in a hurry and need to make a quick dessert?

You’re in luck….with just a little bit of creative thinking, you can make an ice cream (sandwich) cake.

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Photo courtesy of House of Parents

What you’ll need:
12 ice cream sandwiches
whipped cream
chocolate syrup

Arrange 4 ice cream sandwichs flat with the long sides touching.  Squirt an even layer of whipped cream over top.

Sprinkle m&ms on the whipped cream.

Repeat layers twice more.  On the top layer, drizzle chocolate syrup for best appearance.

Make sure it stays cold so it doesn’t melt!

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Picture Frame

To make a simple foam picture frame that kids especially love (I made mine as a kid and still use it to this day), you’ll need two foam sheets of differing colors.  They are found at any craft store.  You may also want decorations to add to the outside of the frame.  They can be flowers, jewels, or anything that interests you. 

Cut two rectangles, roughly 7x 9 inches so they fit around a standard 5×7 picture.

Cut a rectangle-shaped hole from the top foam sheet roughly 1 inch from the outside.  Hot-glue it to the bottom sheet on three sides. 

Hot glue all the decorations onto the outside of the frame.

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If you have old flip flops you want to spice up, add jewels or beads.

If you are really crafty, you can sew the beads or jewels on the flip flops, but you are also able to hot-glue them.  Hot-gluing will be an easier method but the beads are also more likely to fall off if you do that. 

Don’t forget to keep you hands away from the hot glue gun.  You don’t want to get burned.

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If you want to spice up your lamp, you can use necklaces.  Colorful beads can make any lamp stand out.

If you have a triangle-shaped lamp, you can just wrap the necklaces around it.  But if you have a cylinder-shaped lamp, you can cut the necklaces and hotglue them to the lamp shade. 

For some extra color, you can pick your favorite fabric and glue it around the shade.  Make sure it isn’t close to the lightbulb, however, or it could be a fire hazard.  It’s always important to be safe!

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Shirt Pillows

Step 1: Take an old polo shirt and button it up

Step 2: Cut off the sleeves.

Step 3:  Snip along the side seams and across the shirt (at the bottom of the collar and 12 inches below the lowest button), leaving a rectangular piece from the front of the shirt.

Step 4:  Cut an equal-sized rectangle from the back.

Step 5:  Lay the pieces on top of each other and sew them on 3 sides. 

Step 6:  Fill the pillow case with stuffing and sew the last side.

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Storage End Table

What you’ll need:

5 large plastic bowls with seal tight lids

sealant glue

Step 1: Put the lids on all of the bowls.  Glue the bottoms of two bowls together to create a base.

Step 2:  Put glue on the bottom of one bowl.  Press it on top of the top lid of the base. 

Step 3:  Glue and stack the remaining bowls.

Step 4: Let it dry overnight.

Step 5: Fill all the bowls except the bottom base with snacks or school supplies.

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