DIY Halloween Costume

Don’t have money to buy a costume that you may only wear for one night?  Me neither.  I do, however, have a creative costume used from materials you may already own.

Costume Materials
Long sleeved T-shirt
Dark Colored Pants
Light Colored Pants
Child’s Jacket
2 pairs of shoes (or 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of boots)
Baseball cap
Safety Pins (many)

Step 1:  Dress in dark-colored pants. Put socks and shoes/boots on at this time or wait until later.

Step 2:  Stuff the arms and shoulders of the long-sleeved shirt with crumpled up newspapers. Put the shirt ‘collar’ around your hips. This, along with the dark pants, will be the body of the person giving you a shoulder ride. The bottom of the shirt will be around your knees. Safety pin the arm cuffs of the shirt to the front of the shirt (See picture)

Step 3:  Stuff the ball cap with newspapers.  Safety-pin the ball cap  above the collar of the shirt around your waist.

Step 4:  Stuff a pair of light-colored pants with crumpled newspapers. This will act like the legs of the shoulder rider.
Make sure the ball cap is in the crotch area of the pants with safety pins. (When you are getting a piggy back ride, that is where the head is)

Step 5:  Attach the extra pair of shoes to the bottom of the pants. This will act like the feet of the shoulder rider.

Step 6:  Put the light-colored pants against your body and put the belt through the front belt loops, around yourself and back through the front loops on the other side of the pants. Buckle the belt. The ‘legs’ of the shoulder rider are now attached.

Step 7:  Bend the legs of the light-colored pants through the arms of the shirt of the person “carrying” you to make it look like he’s hanging on to your legs. Use safety pins as needed to secure this in place.

Step 8:  Put on the coat.
You have now built a shoulder ride/piggy back ride.

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  1. Haha cute! 😀

  2. Great costume idea with little cost!

  3. Haha.. I like it! So creative!

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