Round Weed Wicker Basket

Round Reed Wicker Basket

What you’ll need:
round reed
sharp scissors
wooden beads
hot water
circular wooden base

  1. Cut 8 pieces of round reed 30 inches long to use for the basket spokes.
  2. Soak the basket spokes and ten extra long pieces of round reed in warm water for 5 minutes. Place more pieces of round reed into the water when needed.
  3. Drill 16 holes evenly along the edge of the wooden base.
  4. Starting with one spoke, place one end into the hole in the base.  Using the pliers, pull the reed through and attach a wooden bead.  Skip a hole and place the other end of the spoke into the next hole (making it every other hole).  Attach a bead to this end too.
  5. Place the second reed into the hole you skipped and continue with the rest of the spokes.
  6. Starting at the bottom of the spokes, weave  the rest of the round reed in and out of the spokes.  Repeat around the circle until you are halfway up the spokes.

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Bird House Wind Chime

Bird House Wind Chime

What you need:
Wooden bird house (from any craft store)
Assorted paints
Wooden shapes
Metal hooks

Step One:  Paint the bird house and the wooden shapes in any fashion.  Let them dry for at least 24 hours.

Step Two:  Drill holes in the wooden shapes and tie the string through them.

Step Three:  Screw the metal hooks into the bottom of the bird house.  Hook the strings with the wooden shapes on.  Make sure they are tight.

Step Four.  Hang the Bird House Wind Chime up!

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Cell Phone Charm

Fold a 10 inch plastic string in half and place your beads of choice on it.

Tie a knot, leaving about 1 -1 1/2 inches at the end.

Place the plastic string through the loop on your phone (almost every cell phone has one specifically design for charms such as this).

Tie one final bead at the end of the plastic string so the charm won’t go through the loop and fall off the phone.

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Ribbon Laced Flip Flops

Ribbon Flip Flops

What you’ll need:
Pair of Flip Flops
Thin Ribbon
Super Glue
Craft Knife

Step One: Using the knife, make evenly-spaced slits across the plastic straps

Step Two: Cut ribbon into 4 pieces of the same length

Step Three: Weave the ribbon through the slits

Step Four: Use super glue to hold the end of the ribbon in place

Step Five: Tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow.

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