Round Weed Wicker Basket

Round Reed Wicker Basket

What you’ll need:
round reed
sharp scissors
wooden beads
hot water
circular wooden base

  1. Cut 8 pieces of round reed 30 inches long to use for the basket spokes.
  2. Soak the basket spokes and ten extra long pieces of round reed in warm water for 5 minutes. Place more pieces of round reed into the water when needed.
  3. Drill 16 holes evenly along the edge of the wooden base.
  4. Starting with one spoke, place one end into the hole in the base.  Using the pliers, pull the reed through and attach a wooden bead.  Skip a hole and place the other end of the spoke into the next hole (making it every other hole).  Attach a bead to this end too.
  5. Place the second reed into the hole you skipped and continue with the rest of the spokes.
  6. Starting at the bottom of the spokes, weave  the rest of the round reed in and out of the spokes.  Repeat around the circle until you are halfway up the spokes.

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Bird House Wind Chime

Bird House Wind Chime

What you need:
Wooden bird house (from any craft store)
Assorted paints
Wooden shapes
Metal hooks

Step One:  Paint the bird house and the wooden shapes in any fashion.  Let them dry for at least 24 hours.

Step Two:  Drill holes in the wooden shapes and tie the string through them.

Step Three:  Screw the metal hooks into the bottom of the bird house.  Hook the strings with the wooden shapes on.  Make sure they are tight.

Step Four.  Hang the Bird House Wind Chime up!

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Earring Holder

This is one of the simplest things I will ever post.  Instead of spending money on an earring holder, you can use objects most people already have in their homes.

Step One:  Take out dental floss.  Pull out about 3 feet.

Step Two:  Tie ends of dental floss around two thumb tacks or pushpins.

Step Three:  Hang on wall so floss droops a little bit.

Step Four:  Hang earring holders onto floss.

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When you have a vase of flowers that are starting to die, you can dry them out, add oils, and make potpourri.

Step One:  Dry the flowers by hanging them upside down.  A fun way is by hanging them from a ceiling fan.

Step Two:  Pick a fragrance by mixing oils (some good choices are floral, citrus, herbal, or spicy).

Step Three: Before adding the flowers to the oil, add chopped orris root to the oils (they hold the scent better than the flowers). Then add the leaves and pedals.

Step Four:  Shake concoction once a day for 3 weeks.  After the 3 weeks, it should smell delightful!

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Picture Frame

To make a simple foam picture frame that kids especially love (I made mine as a kid and still use it to this day), you’ll need two foam sheets of differing colors.  They are found at any craft store.  You may also want decorations to add to the outside of the frame.  They can be flowers, jewels, or anything that interests you. 

Cut two rectangles, roughly 7x 9 inches so they fit around a standard 5×7 picture.

Cut a rectangle-shaped hole from the top foam sheet roughly 1 inch from the outside.  Hot-glue it to the bottom sheet on three sides. 

Hot glue all the decorations onto the outside of the frame.

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If you want to spice up your lamp, you can use necklaces.  Colorful beads can make any lamp stand out.

If you have a triangle-shaped lamp, you can just wrap the necklaces around it.  But if you have a cylinder-shaped lamp, you can cut the necklaces and hotglue them to the lamp shade. 

For some extra color, you can pick your favorite fabric and glue it around the shade.  Make sure it isn’t close to the lightbulb, however, or it could be a fire hazard.  It’s always important to be safe!

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Shirt Pillows

Step 1: Take an old polo shirt and button it up

Step 2: Cut off the sleeves.

Step 3:  Snip along the side seams and across the shirt (at the bottom of the collar and 12 inches below the lowest button), leaving a rectangular piece from the front of the shirt.

Step 4:  Cut an equal-sized rectangle from the back.

Step 5:  Lay the pieces on top of each other and sew them on 3 sides. 

Step 6:  Fill the pillow case with stuffing and sew the last side.

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Storage End Table

What you’ll need:

5 large plastic bowls with seal tight lids

sealant glue

Step 1: Put the lids on all of the bowls.  Glue the bottoms of two bowls together to create a base.

Step 2:  Put glue on the bottom of one bowl.  Press it on top of the top lid of the base. 

Step 3:  Glue and stack the remaining bowls.

Step 4: Let it dry overnight.

Step 5: Fill all the bowls except the bottom base with snacks or school supplies.

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Jewelry Tree

For a fun way to hang up your jewelry (and one that gives your room a nature feel), you can make use of leftover tree branches.  Just find two or three medium-sized thin branches (you can also buy some at a craft or garden store).  Take off any leaves and wipe off all the dirt.  Find a larg vase to display them in.  Metallic colors look really neat.  Hang your jewelry on it and add other decorations like small flowers in the vase for a more colorful look.

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Need extra shelving?

This will be a quick and easy idea.  When I wanted more shelving for my room, especially to put up little nic-nacs, I made use of an item I already had without spending a dime.

All I did was take a drawer from my old broken dresser (it doesn’t have to be a drawer but you can use something similar to this) and nail it to the wall to create more room.  Put the bottom of the drawer closest to your wall and the handle at the top.  An easy way to make it look nicer is to put cloth inside the drawer to make it stand out.  You could also paint it however you want.  It’s simple and can hold pictures and whatever else you want to use it for.

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