Bracelet or Anklet

Also known as friendship bracelets, these are great as anklets as well.  Thread is the best string to use but yarn or ribbon work as well.  I use ribbon in the video because it is bigger and easier to see but I use thread when I make my own.  The example I show is one of the easier styles of friendship bracelets.

Instructional Video

Step One:  Begin by tying a knot, but don’t pull the thread all the way through the loop.  Instead, tighten it to make a loop on the side (watch instructional video)

Step Two:  Put two of your fingers through the loop and grab the string.  Also pull that through creating another loop without pulling the string all the way through the loop.

Step Three: Continue doing that until you have the length you desire.

Finished bracelet with several colors

Step Four:  When you are finished, you can pull the string all the way through the loop and it won’t come undone.

It is good to note that you can have more than one string at once to make it more colorful.

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